Black family histories and pictures

William Black, John David Black, William Morley Black, Olive Myrtle Black Palmer--Joe Palmer--Mom--Me

John David Black was the son of Sarah Stevens and William Black. John was born 24 Mar 1797  near Kings Mountain, Rutherford, North Carolina. At some point the family settled in Vermillion, Richland County, Ohio until 1837. John and his brother helped drive supplies to the troops in the war of 1812 when they were young teens. John married Mary "Polly" Cline, they had eight children. John was a farmer and also had a lathe on which he made/turned chair legs, bowls, and hilts for axe heads. About 1837 John lost the family farm after putting it up as bail for a neighbor. At that time Illinois had opened for settlement and the Black family along with some of their neighbors moved to southern Illinois where there was cheap, good land available. The Black family settled near Bridgeport, Lawrence County, Illinois. John's father, William, also later came to that area. John died just two years later in 1939 and was one of the first buried in the old cemetery near Bridgeport. His mother died before 1850. His father returned to Ohio to live with a son and died there before 1860. Mary Cline Black raised her children in Illinois and living there until her death in 1880.
William (Morley) Black was the son of John and Mary Black. He was born 11 February 1826. He lived in Ohio and Lawrence County, Illinois with his parents. After his father's death he worked many places to help his older brother take care of the family. William married  Margaret Ruth Banks in Lewistown, Fulton, Illinois on February 5, 1946. After news of gold being found in California in 1849 spread across the country many people got together in groups to share expenses and travel together across the country to seek gold. William Black was serving as sheriff of the town of Cuba, Illinois at that time, he resigned the post and joined a group of twelve gold-seekers, each paying $100 and headed across the country. William left the group in Salt Lake City after attending some LDS meetings. He was baptized and stayed with the Mormons and joined in the pioneering of that area. William accepted the call to move to Manti where he lived with the Isaac Morley family. It was in honor of Patriarch Morley that William added Morley as his middle name. William went back to Illinois and brought back his wife and children, he also taught other family members about the gospel and his brother, Benjamin and sister, Rachel and their families also joined the Saints in Utah. William Morley Black lived in several places in Utah and took several other wives. They lived in Orderville for years joining in the united order at that place. William and some of his family were among those who pioneered in the Mexican colonies going in 1889 until the expulsion of the colonists in 1912. William and his wife, Maria Hansen (daughter of Anders and Abelona Knudsen Hansen of Denmark) eventually joined some of their family in the new settlement of Grayson (later called Blanding) where William died in 1915 and Maria in 1920. Throughout his life William helped build and run many grist and sawmills. William Morley Black was a member of the 81st quorum of seventies: high priest; patriarch, Blackhawk Indian War veteran and a miller. His headstone says that he found the gold he was looking for (speaking of the gospel).
-Olive Myrtle Black Palmer was born 20 Jul 1865 in Circle Valley, Piute, Utah to William Morley Black and his wife, Anna Maria Hansen. She married James William Palmer in Orderville, Utah in 1881 when she was 16 years old. He had earlier married her sister, Mary Ann Black who died in 1880. He later also married her sister, Eva Black. James Palmer and his family also moved to the Mexican colonies and established their homes and families. They moved to Bluff and Blanding, Utah after having to leave everything behind in Mexico. They lived there the rest of their lives and have many descendants still in that area.
-My grandfather, Joseph Palmer was born on 16 Sep 1899 in Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico to Olive Myrtle Black and James William Palmer. He left all behind with his family when they had to leave their home in Mexico in 1912. Joe remembers that his buried his marbles and his mother buried her sewing machine because they thought they would be able to return to their homes later. They never returned to the Mexican colonies but settled in Blanding, Utah. Joe lived in southeastern Utah the rest of his life. He married Hilda Grace Rose in the Manti temple on 1 June 1927. They had five children - one son and four daughters. Joe enjoyed farming and worked hard to provide for his family during the depression years. Joe Palmer died on 27 December 1967 and is buried in the Blanding city cemetery.



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