Maria Hansen Black (1840-1920)


Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia
Volume 3
Blood, Henry Hooper

Black, Maria Hansen, wife of William M. Black, was born Nov. 19, 1840, in Veile amt, Denmark, the daughter of Anders Hassen and Ablone Knudsen. Becoming a convert to "Mormonism" she was baptized when quite young and emigrated from her native land in 1855, crossing the Atlantic and the plains in Canute Peterson's company. She became the wife of Wm. M. Black, Oct. 26, 1859, and has resided successively at Manti, Nephi, Ephraim, Circleville, Beaver, Washington, Glendale, Orderville, and Huntington, in Utah, Pacheco, in Old Mexico, and at Fruitland, in New Mexico, and is now living at Blanding, Utah. While residing in Sanpete county she witnessed the terrors of the Black Hawk war, her husbands' brother and brother-in-law being killed by Indians. In Circle valley the family was robbed of their all and driven from their homes. Again, when her husband was 86 years of age, the family was driven from Old Mexico, losing their home and everything they possessed. Sister Black is a woman of great faith, having witnessed many instantaneous healings by the prayer of faith. She was a plural wife for forty years and rejoiced in that order of marriage, glorifying the name of the Lord for that grand principle which gave her a loving husband and a family of virtuous, noble children.


Grave is located in the Blanding, Utah Cemetery next to her husband.


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